Now we are going to look around the Game Menu Bar.

  1. @Life

    You can enjoy all the contents without accessing the main website. You can use all the options that you many need for enjoying the OZ Global World.

    My OZ : Avatar Info / Friends List/OZ Mail Box /
                     Message Box / Marriage Registrar/Help /
                     Cash Account / Point Account
    News : Notice / Update / Event
    Community : Talk-talk / Reply Talk / Photo Pang/Relay Story
    Item Shop: OZ Store / User Store / Reg. Item
    OZ Cash: Charge Cash / Use Point
    OZting: View OZting / Manage OZting /
               Modify OZting / OZting Record
    Find Friend: Find friend by Age,Area,Gender,Level
    Help: Quick Guide/How to Play/OZ Level/
                 Item/List/Rod/Fish and baits/
                 Jewel Item/Call Elf

  2. Item Shop

    What you can do at @Life Item Store. You can purchase any items from OZ store and you can access User Store to purchase items and you can register your items on User Store for sale.

  3. News

    You can find out any updates and notifications about the game and events announcements from OZ Administration.

  4. Options

    You can set up the sound effects and macro function for your avatar and change display options.

    You can adjust your game effect sound volume
    and you can control rod bell sound,
    OZ Phone ring sound,
    Skill cool time alarm sound.
    Also you can upload your
    Own ring tones.

    You can assign your Basic chat messages and avatar movements to your hot keys.

    You can set up window display mode and change letter colors by using display.
  5. Help

    This quick guide and how to play OZ World is a guide for beginners.

  6. Fishing

    When the fishing bar is opened, your avatar will equip rod and ready to fish. You have to be near the water to Use your rod to fish. When you close the fishing bar rod will go back in to your item bag.

    OZ Time

    In the world of OZ, we have two days and nights a day in real life. OZ has its own four seasons. Refreshing spring, rainy summer, leaves falling autumn, and snowing winter. Feel the four seasons’ melancholy.

    Exit button

    Exit the Game.
    (Hot Key : Esc)

  7. Photography

    Click your camera.
    It pictures your current OZ game window and save.

    You can see the picture’s directory on your chat log. 

    File name will be ‘Photogenic [Number].jpg’ and stored at ‘C:\My Documents \Photo’.